Gigi Hadid returned to work two months after the birth of her daughter

25-year-old Gigi Hadid and 27-year-old Zayn Malik celebrated two months since the birth of their daughter, whose name they still do not advertise. All this time, young parents spent outside the city, where they enjoyed family everyday life, watching every day how their baby grows and changes.

Having got used to the role of a young mother a little, Gigi Hadid realized that she was already ready to leave the decree. A few hours ago, she informed her followers in Stories that she was returning to work. The model posted a video from her office, in the caption to which she talks about career and motherhood.

I would like to say that I am going back to work, but being a mom is also a job. Back in the office, Hadid shared

Previously, a close family friend has already talked about the difficulties of motherhood, through which Gigi went immediately after the birth of the baby.

Gigi is exhausted but has already become a wonderful mom. The first two weeks were a difficult transition period, but she did not complain and is happy to be a mother, – said the anonymous author.

The model’s mother Yolanda Hadid helps the model’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, take care of baby Gigi and her lover – it was on her family farm in Pennsylvania that the young parents spent the first months after the birth of the child with their daughter. According to insiders, Yolanda is always on hand, can sit with the girl when her parents want to be alone, and sometimes even takes on the duties of a nurse.

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