Gigi Hadid first appeared in public after the birth of her daughter

25-year-old Gigi Hadid, who not so long ago became a mother, first appeared in public after giving birth. The model went for a walk in New York with her daughter and sister Bella.

Celebrities tried to disguise themselves as much as possible and merge with ordinary townspeople – even the lover of bright images Bella this time remembered her love for the style of the movie “The Matrix” and chose a long black leather coat. But the sisters failed to play secret agents – they were quickly recognized not only by the paparazzi but also by ordinary passers-by, who immediately grabbed their smartphones also to take a photo.

This is the first time Gigi has made it into a reporter’s chronicle since the birth of her daughter (her name, by the way, is still kept a secret). Before this, the model, apparently, preferred to stay at home and only shared personal photos from the family archive.

Recall that Hadid’s pregnancy became known in April this year. She spent most of the pregnancy, as well as the first weeks after giving birth, on her mother’s farm in Pennsylvania. But in early December, Gigi announced that she was ready to return to work, so she chose to move back to New York.

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