Giant iceberg has separated from Antarctica. Its area is 1270 square kilometers

An iceberg of record size has broken off from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. While researchers do not know in which direction the block of ice will go, but it may soon run aground.

A giant iceberg separated from the Brant shelf in Antarctica. Researchers have predicted this before – they discovered a large fracture that formed on the shelf in November 2020. At the same time, the crack expanded until an iceberg separated from it.

At a later stage of observations, the researchers noticed that it increased by 20 km in length. Scientists have named this gap “Northern Rift”. This is the third crack found in the Brunt ice sheet in the past decade.

“Our team has been preparing for many years for the iceberg to separate from the shelf. Now we will track its trajectory – it can run aground or stay near the ice sheet, ”the researchers noted.

The area of ​​the iceberg is estimated at about 1270 square kilometers. The researchers note that this is one of the largest “active” icebergs.

Currently, the research station has suspended observations due to the approaching Antarctic winter. But they are unlikely to be affected by the breakaway of the ice shelf.

History shows that the last major event to occur on the Brunt Ice Shelf was in 1971, when some of the ice broke north of the area known as the McDonald Ice Hills.

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