Germany protested over nuclear missiles in Europe

Germany opposes the deployment of medium-range nuclear missiles in Europe. This statement was made by foreign Minister Haiko Maas, Euronews reported, citing the DPA Agency.

Germany protested over nuclear missiles in Europe

According to him, Europe under any circumstances should not become a place where Russia and the United States will be measured forces. “Nuclear weapons are an absolutely wrong step,” the German Minister said. Maas believes that cold war thinking is not suitable for solving problems in the present.

On October 20, the United States announced its withdrawal from the intermediate-range missile Treaty (INF). According to the American leader Donald Trump, Washington was forced to take such a step, as Moscow violates this agreement.

At the same time, the US does not plan to place in Europe missiles prohibited by the INF Treaty, said the adviser to the US President for national security John Bolton.

The INFD does not allow the parties to have ground-based ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 5.5 thousand kilometers. Moscow and Washington regularly accuse each other of violating its terms.

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