Germany predicted a “decisive battle” for the “Nord stream-2”

A possible “showdown” between Germany and the United States over implementing the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline project could put the German government at risk of sanctions, Die Welt writes.

Justifying their assumption, journalists note that earlier, Berlin tried to “appease” Washington to complete the construction of the pipeline while simultaneously starting the construction of terminals for American liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Also, Germany expects some improvement in relations with America on gas diversification in the event of a possible election of President Joe Biden. However, he also opposes the project, the publication reminds.

Currently, the US Senate is discussing new sanctions that will affect insurance and certification companies that cooperate with Russian vessels involved in completing the gas pipeline.

“Until recently, the German government left open the question of completing the gas pipeline construction, but it will also soon have to give a clear and clear answer. So the decisive battle between the US and Germany for “Nord stream-2″ is getting closer,” the author of the article believes.

In early November, shortly before starting the discussion of new restrictions in Congress, the company responsible for the construction of the LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, refused to participate in this project, the company reminds FAN regarding a German newspaper.

However, it is unclear whether it will be possible to find a replacement in another port.

“So now the Federal government is at risk of directly facing the threat of sanctions that it sought to prevent. Shortly, he will not have anything to offer the United States that they refused to implement their intentions,” concludes Die Welt.

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