Germany made the final decision on “Nord stream 2”

The German government does not plan to take measures to suspend the construction of “Nord stream 2.” This is written by the German publication Heise, referring to a message from the Ministry of the economy and the energy of the country.

The document says that the German government does not consider any legal possibilities for suspending the construction of the pipeline under the Baltic Sea, as well as any claims for compensation for possible damage. The Ministry clarified that the construction of the NS 2 is almost finished, and the gas fuel reception point in Lubmin has also been commissioned.

Telepolis correspondents emphasize that it is the first time that the German government has spoken so clearly about the Russian gas pipeline – before that, the head of the Department, Peter Altmaier, vaguely noted that such projects have been implemented for decades, and they do not need to be discussed every few months. Thus, Germany made the final decision on “Nord stream 2.”

According to the head of the parliamentary Committee on economy and energy, Klaus Ernst, now the main problem may be countering Washington’s sanctions threats. Meanwhile, the pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky and the ships of Morspassluzhby are preparing to complete the construction of NS-2.