Germany expressed the US position on the unacceptability of sanctions against “Nord stream-2”

The German government, during a meeting on November 6 with representatives of German and European companies, the US State Department and Treasury, as well as the US Embassy in Berlin, once again announced its principled position on the “Nord stream-2” and threats of sanctions against the pipeline. This was reported on Monday by the Bloomberg business news agency, citing a government report sent to the Bundestag.

The document, dated November 17, states that “nothing has changed in the principled position of the Federal government, which rejects extraterritorial sanctions and considers them contrary to international law.” “At a meeting on November 6, 2020, between German and European companies and representatives of the US State Department, the Ministry of Finance and the US Embassy, which was also attended by representatives of the German government, the position was again voiced [to the American side],” excerpts from the report are given.

The German Cabinet plans to closely monitor the discussion on sanctions in the US Congress, negotiate with Washington and closely coordinate its actions with European partners, the European Commission, and companies involved in the project.

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