Germany announced the beginning of a four-month certification period for “Nord stream-2”

Gazprom announced last week that it had completed the construction of the pipeline.

On Monday, Germany’s energy regulator said that it had received an application from a pipeline company for certification of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline and that the process would take up to four months.

The Russian company Gazprom said last week that it had completed constructing a pipeline that could allow Russia to double its gas exports to Europe via the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine.

The project has attracted criticism, in particular from the United States and Ukraine. The United States emphasizes that the new pipeline will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian energy supplies.

The German Federal Grid Agency announced on its website that the four-month certification period for the Nord Stream 2 AG group began on September 8.
As reported, after the regulator completes the audit, the draft decision will be sent to the European Commission.

The regulator must certify that “Nord stream-2” complies with European Union rules that require pipeline owners to be separated from gas suppliers when it reaches and crosses German waters and territory.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tried to moderate concerns about the pipeline during a farewell visit to Poland over the weekend. According to the Chancellor, she made it clear to Moscow that Ukraine should remain a transit country for Russian gas after the expiration of the five-year agreement on Russian gas supplies in 2024.

The Polish Prime Minister said that the continuation of gas transit through Ukraine would reduce the likelihood that Russia will use gas supplies as a political weapon.

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