German hospital adopts AI to reduce queues during COVID-19

Saudi Arabia German Hospital, one of the largest healthcare providers in the UAE, is automating its complex business processes with AI-powered software bots to help improve patient care and reduce patient waiting times. Software bots are provided by Automation Anywhere and deployed by Advansys ESC.

Automation Anywhere and Advansys ESC worked with a Saudi German hospital in the UAE to identify automation opportunities in its insurance and finance departments. It is these departments that usually consume a lot of human resources. For example, eligibility for insurance, pre-authorization, and patient registration.

Automation capabilities will allow us to add value and support caregivers during treatment by providing a deeper understanding of the patient’s specific condition, lifestyle, and patient behavior in real-time.

Dr. Rim Osman, CEO of Saudi German Hospitals UAE Group

The infusion of cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies will expand the capabilities of the “Intelligent Patient Platform” to expand competencies and achieve better results.

Automation Anywhere is one of the top three RPA companies in the world, along with UiPath and Blue Prism.

Intelligent automation enables healthcare organizations to perform more time-consuming manual tasks, freeing staff to treat more patients by increasing hospital efficiency.

Medical systems affected by the global pandemic have taken notice of how automation technology can have a huge impact on patient progress. Implementing bots for processes such as simplifying patient appointment scheduling, streamlining billing, and managing healthcare workflows can help save time and focus on patient care.