German historian praised the theory of a preemptive strike by Nazi Germany on the USSR

German historian and writer Sven Felix Kellerhoff has praised the theory of a preemptive strike by Nazi Germany against the USSR in 1941. In his article published in Die Welt, he said that some believe that Adolf Hitler only pre-empted the blow of Joseph Stalin.

According to the historian, the supporters of the mentioned theory use the fact that during the attack on the Soviet Union, the Wehrmacht faced a large concentration of enemy troops. However, Kellerhoff claims that German archival documents completely refute these speculations.

The editor of the German edition stressed that Operation Barbarossa was an aggressive war of Germany to destroy the USSR, and this is an indisputable fact. According to the columnist, people who assure others of the preventive attack of the Third Reich, operate with the theses of Goebbels ‘ propaganda. In this regard, the journalist recalled that in June 1941, false reports were spread in Nazi Germany that Soviet troops were concentrated near the borders, and Moscow was preparing for an invasion.

“At the beginning of the summer of 1941, neither the leadership of the Third Reich nor its most important military figures were afraid of a surprise attack that they would have to prevent. Why is it persistently argued to the contrary, that the attack was a preventive war?” Sven Kellerhoff asked.

He noted that the Red Army actually concentrated significant forces on the western borders of the USSR. But they were not positioned in such a way as to launch offensive operations. In addition, neither the leadership of Nazi Germany nor the army command was afraid of a “surprise attack” by the Soviet Union, which would have to be pre-empted.

The historian recalls that in the highest echelons of the German government there was a very militant mood, and high-ranking officials were convinced of the superiority of the military power of the Third Reich.

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