Georgia Secretary said he didn’t want to talk to Trump about the election and was pressured

Brad Raffensperger stressed that the Republican “has incorrect data.”

The Secretary of Georgia, Republican Brad Raffensperger, did not want to discuss the elections’ results in this US state by phone with US President Donald Trump, but the White House pressed him. In an interview with ABC on Monday, Raffensperger commented on an audio recording distributed by The Washington Post, in which the head of the White House demanded that he “find” a sufficient number of votes cast in support of him in the last presidential election to confirm his victory in the specified state.

“I never thought it was appropriate to talk to the president, but he put pressure on us; I think he made his staff put pressure on us. They wanted to make a phone call,” the state secretary said. “We answered the phone and talked. He talked most of the time, and we listened most of the time,” he added. Raffensperger stressed that his fellow party member Trump “simply has incorrect data.” So, he continued, the president claims “hundreds and hundreds” of dead souls who voted in the Georgia election, but there were only two of them after careful study. “This is just an example of his incorrect data,” the secretary concluded.

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