George Lucas is planning a vertical re-release of Star Wars

Star Wars is being re-released again. This time in vertical format. This was announced by George Lucas himself, having posted on his Instagram a photo where he sits on the floor in his famous Star Wars Ranch Skywalker, next to a vertical TV, which broadcasts a poster with a composite hodgepodge of Star Wars characters.

In the comments, fans were, of course, divided. Some people in every possible way welcome the appearance of cult films in a progressive format, convenient for viewing on a smartphone screen. Others, predictably indignant, they say, the master in his old age completely lost his mind and decided to ruin his greatest creation of life with his own hands.

The official comment from Disney, which now owns both LucasFilm and the rights to the entire Star Wars franchise, reads: “Disney adheres to the spirit of the company established by its creator, Walt Disney, and cannot remain aloof from technological progress, like the multimillion-dollar an army of fans of the franchise around the world. We can no longer ignore the development of vertical video, which is becoming mainstream for a young audience. We strive to make sure that the new generation also had the opportunity to watch all episodes of the saga in a convenient format and at a convenient time. The smartphone is the main device for young people today, so we are confident in the success of the project. And in the near future we will transfer to a vertical format not only all canon films, but also new ones, including serials”.

Samsung is partnering with the vertical Star Wars project, which plans to give US customers an annual subscription to the Disney + streaming service when it sells its Sero vertical TVs, and has already released a banner ad to that effect.

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