George Floyd’s family will receive $ 27 million for his death

The family of African American George Floyd will receive $ 27 million from the American Minneapolis authorities for the settlement of a lawsuit about the misconduct of the city police that led to the death of a man.

The city council unanimously decided on March 12 to pay the Floyd family, NBC reported. The meeting was closed. At the same time, Minneapolis will donate $ 500,000 to a founded charity after Floyd’s death.

According to Floyd’s family lawyer Benjamin Crump, the Minneapolis decision is the largest ever out-of-court settlement of a civil rights infringement lawsuit that led to a person’s death in history. He called the death of an African American a turning point for the United States.

“This is a statement that George Floyd deserves more, that his life matters, and that black lives matter in a much broader sense,” the lawyer said.

An African American family filed a lawsuit against Minneapolis and the four police officers involved in the arrest of Floyd in July 2020. In the document, the relatives noted that, among other things, omissions in the training of law enforcement officers led to the death of the man.

In the lawsuit, Floyd’s family demanded that the police forbid the use of suffocation techniques, due to which Floyd died. The jury determined the amount of compensation – while it could be much more than $ 27 million.

Floyd was detained on May 25 in Minneapolis – the police suspected him of paying off with a counterfeit bill. Police officer Derek Shovin pressed his neck with his knee to the ground for almost 10 minutes during the arrest. Floyd complained that he could not breathe and died shortly thereafter in the hospital from his injuries. A medical examination confirmed that he died due to cardiopulmonary shock (cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest).

Floyd’s death sparked protests and riots in the United States that lasted for several months. The Black Lives Matter movement, which opposes racism and police brutality, gained worldwide popularity in the course of them.

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