George Floyd will be buried on Tuesday

A farewell ceremony was held in Houston for an African-American man whose death sparked protests across the country.

Thousands of people are expected to gather in Houston on Tuesday to say goodbye to George Floyd, an African-American who died in police custody.

His death sparked a new wave of protests against police brutality in cities across the country and outside the US.

Floyd will be buried on Tuesday at Memorial Gardens cemetery in Houston.

On Monday, masked people, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, formed a procession at the Source of Praise Church in Houston, Floyd’s hometown, to see an open coffin, at which they stopped to pay their respects.

Among the participants in the ceremony was the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. In a conversation with reporters outside the Church, he said that he would invite Floyd’s family to participate in discussions about police reform.

“George Floyd didn’t die for nothing. His life will be a living legacy reflecting how America and Texas responded to this tragedy,” he said.

At the Church, the organizers gathered a large floral arrangement in which white roses formed the letters BLM, meaning Black Lives Matters (“Black Lives Matter”).

Last week, farewell ceremonies were held in Minneapolis and Rayford, North Carolina, near where Floyd was born.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden met with Floyd’s family in Houston on Monday. The family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said the meeting lasted more than an hour.

Crump tweeted that Biden “listened, felt their pain, and shared their grief.”

On Sunday, President Donald Trump ordered National Guard troops to begin withdrawing from Washington, where they were sent to help law enforcement.

A similar conclusion has been reached in recent days in other states where there have been protests with several clashes between demonstrators and authorities.

Trump has consistently supported “law and order.” In one of Sunday’s tweets, he criticized people who are demanding cuts to police Department budgets or their complete elimination.

“I need a great and well-paid law enforcement activity. I need law and order! ” Trump wrote.

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters on Monday that Trump is “shocked” by calls from some demonstrators and activists to strip funding from police departments. She said that the President is considering various proposals in response to Floyd’s death, but did not go into details.

In Minneapolis, where 46-year-old Floyd died on May 25, 9 of the 12 city council members promised to disband the city’s Police Department.

Author: John Kessler
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