George Clooney was hospitalized after losing weight for a movie

American actor George Clooney was hospitalized to lose weight urgently for filming the film “Midnight sky,” which he is directing, the Mirror newspaper reports.

According to the publication, four days before starting work on his film, Clooney was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain. Doctors diagnosed the actor with pancreatitis, and he was forced to spend several days in the hospital.

“I think I tried too hard to lose weight and maybe didn’t look after myself,” the actor said. According to the actor, his diet may have contributed to the disease. According to the publication, 59-year-old Clooney lost almost 13 kilograms to play a cancer-stricken astronomer who survived a global catastrophe.

Clooney, who has directed several other films, said that the film “The Midnight Sky” is his biggest project to date, and he needed to stay in great shape to complete the work. “It took a few weeks to get better, and it was not easy for the Director because you need energy,” said the actor.

As the publication notes, in addition to losing weight for the film, the actor also had to stop shaving, which his wife, lawyer Amal Clooney, was not happy about.

“I grew a long, ugly beard, and my son liked it because he was hiding something in it… But my wife and daughter were happy when her (beard) was gone, as it was hard to find a face under all this mess,” Clooney said.

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