George Clooney spoke about his son’s incurable illness

George Clooney first became a father three years ago. The Hollywood actor and his wife Amal had twins – Ella and Alexander. As it turned out, the artist’s son is not entirely healthy.

In 2017, the couple had twins. The kids were named Ella and Alexander. George Clooney is a caring and loving father. Even though he and his wife are trying to protect children from unnecessary attention, the actor now and then proudly talks about the heirs.

George Clooney admitted that children are very different in character. It is the daughter who possesses leadership qualities, but the son prefers to follow his sister in everything. The actor’s wife assures that Alexander is incredibly similar to his father, but the happy dad does not find any similarities.

However, as it turned out, George Clooney’s son is terminally ill. In an interview with The Guardian, the artist admitted that Alexander has asthma. That is why 2020 has become especially difficult for his family. The couple is anxious about the health of the heir because the coronavirus is very dangerous for people with respiratory problems.

As the 59-year-old father of the twins noted, doctors say that covid is harmless to babies, but the spouses do not want to risk it. According to the actor, since March, the family rarely leaves the house, as they fear for Alexander’s condition. Fortunately, children can walk around the mansion.

“This year has been lousy,” summed up the actor. Clooney dreams of 2020 ending as soon as possible. Oh, George, believe me, we dream too, so do we.

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