George Clooney speaks about the best Brad Pitt prank

Hollywood star George Clooney loves to play pranks on his friends and colleagues. His jokes are legendary. He can give a friend a picture found in a trash heap and say that this is his work. Or call late at night and pretend to be an employee of the Rescue Service. But everything comes back like a boomerang. Most often, Clooney’s jokes “suffer” from his closest friends – actors Matt Damon and Brad Pitt.

In one of his recent interviews, Clooney admitted how cruelly Pitt played him. This funny story took place on the set of Ocean’s 12. A couple of scenes of the picture were filmed on Lake Como, where Clooney lived for a long time and where everyone knew him well.

“Brad sent out flyers to all the people in the city, in my city, where I lived for several years at the time. He posted these ads on literally every telephone pole. They said: “The movie“ Ocean’s 12 ”is being shot in the city. The request to contact George Clooney is not otherwise than Mr Clooney or Danny Ocean, that is the name of his hero. And don’t look him straight in the eye. ” After that, all the local newspapers came out with the headlines: “George Clooney considers himself a star.” It was just awful, but later I repaid him in kind, “– said George.

What exactly was Clooney’s revenge is not known for certain, because between the actors there is a constant exchange of barbs and jokes. One of those jokes that became public is the story of how Clooney ordered a package for Pitt on set with the words “The porn you ordered.”

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