George Clooney proposed Idris Elba for the role of the next James Bond

Hollywood actor George Clooney is confident that the next Jameson Bond should be his colleague, actor Idris Elba. The celebrity announced this in the evening show of Max Wright.

According to Clooney, Elba is perfect for this role, as he has a great combination of elegance and masculinity.

“I think he would have done a great job with it. That is who I would choose, ” the actor is sure.

Clooney responded with a categorical refusal about his candidacy. According to him, he is too old: this year the actor is celebrating his 60th birthday, which is too much for a famous movie spy. Also, James Bond, according to Clooney, must be British, and in this case, you need to approach the “right” casting.

Clooney is not the only one who supported Elba’s candidacy for the role of the next agent 007. Thus, Judy Dench, who played the role of M in several films of the franchise, admitted that Idris Elba is perfect for the role of a secret spy. Fans also spoke positively about Elba’s participation in popular films, but he himself reacted to these rumours without much enthusiasm. According to the actor, he is too old to embody the image of Bond on the screens, and the celebrity announced this back in 2016 when rumours just began to flare up.

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