George Clooney offered to “strangle” the policeman who killed George Floyd

George Floyd’s family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said that George Clooney wrote him emails amid Derek Chauvin’s trial, a police officer accused of murdering an African American citizen.

In a conversation with The View, the lawyer noted that Clooney is seriously concerned about the unfairness of the situation with Floyd and “wants to live in a better world,” so he actively speaks out.

Lawyers for Chauvin, who is known to have pinned George’s neck to the sidewalk with his knee during his arrest, say Floyd died due to being under the influence of drugs, not asphyxiation.

Clooney is especially outraged by this. In a letter to the deceased’s family lawyer, he said: “Mr Crump, tell Derek Chauvin that if he is so sure of this [that Floyd didn’t die because of him], then let him lie on the floor in court and put his knee on his neck … Let him be held like this for 9 minutes and 29 seconds, let’s see if he can survive. “

In an interview, Crump noted: “The average person can go without oxygen for 30-90 seconds, and Floyd did not breathe for 429 seconds. This suggests that the policeman deliberately choked him. I really hope that he will be held accountable. “

Clooney had previously written an essay in which he also raised the subject of Floyd’s death: “How much longer will the police kill citizens of colour? I’m sure George was killed. We saw him take his last breath surrounded by four police officers. All this shows that our country has not grown since the days of slavery. The fact that we no longer buy and sell people is not an indicator. We need changes in the law enforcement system and the justice system … This is another pandemic of ours. We are all infected, and for 400 years, we have not found a vaccine. “

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Author: Sam Smith
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