General Motors: the majority of Cadillac models will be electric

General Motors presented a roadmap for electrifying its model range back in 2017, but since then, some adjustments have been made to the plan for the American offensive on the electric front.

General Motors released an updated electrification plan at a special Capital Markets Day event for investors the day before. First, the company confirmed plans to produce mass-produced electric pickups GMC Hummer, which will reach dealers near the end of 2021, and secondly, announced a new electric platform-a skateboard (that is, with a dense layout of nodes and a low center of gravity) with a modular design. The first model based on it will be the Cadillac crossover, which does not even have a name yet — it will also appear on the market next year, although the premiere should take place this spring. Future electric cars will boast a nearly 500-kilometer power reserve on a single charge of batteries that can be recharged from” fast” DC terminals.

By the end of the decade, most of the group’s models will be electrified, with most of them expected to be Cadillac crossovers and SUVs. A battery-powered sports car is also promised, with its debut scheduled for 2023.

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