General Motors recalls about 6 million cars due to problems with airbags

According to the Associated Press, the company risks losses of $1.2 billion in this regard.

American carmaker General Motors (GM) is recalling approximately 6 million cars due to a possible malfunction in Takata’s airbags. The corresponding statement was published on Monday on the website of the automaker.

The company stressed that it would comply with the National highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) under the US Department of transportation. “”Despite the fact that based on scientific data and the results of inspections, we do not consider it necessary to recall the cars, NHTSA required us to replace the airbags on these cars,” GM said, emphasizing that it “does not agree with the conclusions” of the regulator. “However, we will comply with the NHTSA’s decision and take the necessary measures,” the statement said.

Earlier, the US regulator required GM to recall approximately 6 million pickup trucks and urban SUVs for repairs due to a possible malfunction in Takata’s airbags. As noted by the Associated Press, GM risks losses of $1.2 billion in this regard.

Japanese company Takata was at the center of a scandal in 2014. As established by experts of the US regulatory authorities, Takata-made airbags due to a malfunction in an accident may not open correctly, but burst or shoot at people in the car with metal pieces. At least 23 people were killed, and several hundred were injured in such incidents worldwide. In total, at least 100 million cars of various brands were recalled worldwide, and in 2017, Takata went bankrupt.

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