Gazelle Tech integrates a roll-up solar panel in an electric car

Gazelle Tech has integrated a roll-up solar panel into the electric car. A battery in the form of an awning will allow you to charge the car while it is parked, the company said.

An awning, consisting of fabric and solar cells, covers almost the entire car body – and can only be deployed when the vehicle is stationary. The awning area is 4 square meters. m – in a fully expanded form, it closes the hood, bumper, and also the car windows.

The deployable solar battery is mounted on two slings – on them the tent is pulled out from a special bag located on the rear bumper and closes the entire machine in about a minute.

According to engineers, an expandable solar battery in eight hours can charge the battery enough for the car to travel an additional 30 km. The prototype was created on the basis of the Gazelle electric car with a cruising range of 180 km.

The company does not specify how weather conditions (for example, cloudiness) can affect the efficiency of the solar battery.

Author: Flyn Braun
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