Gates criticized the system of tests for coronavirus in the United States

Microsoft founder Bill Gates called the coronavirus testing system in the US in its current form “senseless waste of time and money.”

“Now, when you wait more than three days, sometimes even a week, to get a test result, no one has to pay even one dollar for it—this madness. You should get them as soon as possible, so that infected people change their behavior and cannot infect others,” the entrepreneur said in an interview with CNBC.

Gates, whose Foundation is sponsoring the creation of a vaccine against COVID-19, has gained a reputation in the American media as an expert on coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. In an interview with the TV channel, he also expressed the opinion that the selection of necessary drugs by the end of the year will reduce the death rate from the disease.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in the United States, 4 294 770 people have been infected with the coronavirus, more than 148 thousand have died, according to Johns Hopkins University, which summarizes data from Federal and local authorities, as well as the media and other open sources.