GAP orders are now being collected by robots. So employees want to protect against coronavirus

GAP orders are now being collected by robots. So they want to protect workers from coronavirus – 6.5 thousand employees can become infected without automation.

Gap, a US-based clothing store chain, has begun collecting online orders with robots. So they want to limit contacts between workers and reduce the spread of coronavirus.

At the beginning of 2020, Gap agreed that by the fall it would more than triple the number of robots it uses to select products. Meanwhile, during the pandemic, the company was faced with a large number of orders and a small number of personnel – most of them were in quarantine.

As noted in the company, each robot can replace four employees.

“We couldn’t safely accommodate so many people in our distribution centers,” said Gap Vice President of Global Logistics Kevin Kutz. “So I called Kindred AI, which sells us robots and asked them to provide us with robots faster”.

Gap did not disclose the financial terms of its transaction with Kindred. The company said that they need to replace 6.5 thousand warehouse employees who may be at risk of coronavirus infection. So far, the company is limiting the number of storage space due to US health care guidelines.

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