Gaming cloud services from Google and Microsoft will not be available on iOS

Cloud gaming services from Google and Microsoft are not available on Apple devices because they violate App Store policies, The Verge reports.

Such services allow you to run desktop and console games on tablets, smartphones, and computers. A person pays to have access to an application that opens a catalog of available games. Only the image is broadcast to the device, therefore the technical characteristics of gadgets do not matter.

This is because these services violate App Store policies by allowing users to launch and play third-party games that have not passed Apple’s separate security review. According to the store’s rules, all applications launched by the user must pass this check.

The resonance arose against the backdrop of the upcoming launch of xCloud. Microsoft announced that it has stopped testing the app on iOS and made it clear that it will only appear on Android on September 15th. The company did not disclose the reasons for this decision, and shortly thereafter, Apple made a statement.

The company said it would consider other options to make the service available to iPhone users.

In recent times, tech companies have criticized Apple for App Store rules. For example, Telegram, Spotify, and Kobo filed complaints about the store.

Author: John Kessler
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