Gal Gadot felt deeply after the thanks of a 6-year-old fan

Israeli actress Gal Gadot was moved by a video of her 6-year-old fan from the UK. Baby Carmela Chilleri-Watson collected money for a charity, dressed in a wonder woman costume. It was in this role that Gadot became world-famous.

Since birth, Carmela has been sick with a rare form of muscular dystrophy; her muscles are getting weaker. But the girl dressed up as her favourite movie hero from the DC universe and every day in September she walked a kilometre with her mother.

The Walk with Carmela charity event aimed to raise £ 6,000 for the treatment of a young fan. Thanks to a large donation from Gadot and others who are not indifferent, the fund has already collected more than 14 thousand. The star also wrote about Carmel on her Twitter, and many of her fans have also joined the campaign.

Carmela thanked Gal for her contribution and for the fact that the star gave her the courage and strength to raise funds for the treatment. I saw a video with gratitude from Carmela during The One Show and was very moved. The actress reached out to her young fan right from the studio.

“Carmela is a real wonder woman. She goes to her goal and does not allow anything to stop her, ” Gal Gadot said.

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