Gal Gadot admitted that she did not like working with Joss Whedon

A week ago, WarnerMedia Corporation completed an internal investigation, which was initiated after a series of high-profile public statements by Ray Fisher, who accused Joss Whedon and several other high-ranking producers of inappropriate behaviour during the Justice League reshoots.

Even though the results of the audit officially remained inside the studio, shortly before this, Whedon announced his resignation from the post of showrunner of the fantastic HBO miniseries “Navara”, on which he worked for two years.

It turned out that not only Fischer was dissatisfied with the cooperation with Whedon. Gal Gadot told the Los Angeles Times about her unpleasant experience of working with the director of The Avengers:

“I am very glad that Ray decided to speak openly. I wasn’t on set with the rest of the guys when they filmed with Joss Whedon, but I had a separate experience with him. And it was far from the best moment in my life, but I promptly took all the necessary measures to deal with the situation. I brought the information to the studio management; they took care of everything. But I’m really glad that Ray dared to bring the truth to the masses. “

The actress did not go into the details of her incident with Whedon.

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