In Russia began to artificially slow down the work of Twitter

Since March 10, the speed of Twitter has been slowing down on the territory of Russia – due to the fact that the social network does not remove illegal content.

The primary slowdown in the speed of the social network will be “implemented on 100% of mobile devices and 50% of stationary devices.”

Since 2017, Twitter has not removed content “inciting minors to commit suicide, containing child pornography” and information about drugs, Roskomnadzor said.

The agency took “urgent measures to protect Russian citizens from the influence of illegal content on the Twitter social network, since the company systematically fails to comply with the requirements to remove content banned in Russia.”

If Twitter continues to ignore the requirements of Russian law, then “measures of influence will continue” – up to blocking.

Twitter has not yet commented on the situation.

At the time of publication, the social network was working, there were no problems with downloading.

Author: John Kessler
Graduated From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Previously, worked in various little-known media. Currently is an expert, editor and developer of Free News.
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