Fryer Instead of PS5: PlayStation 5 Amazon Buyers Get Anything But Not Consoles

The launch of the PlayStation 5 has turned into a logistical disaster. Sony was unable to meet the demand and not everyone could even pre-order the console. Now users are reporting strange bugs from Amazon.

Error or conspiracy

Amazon UK shoppers received their PlayStation 5 pre-order packages, but inside they found anything but the console itself. First, Bex April May shared the find, which received a deep fryer instead of the PlayStation 5.

Other Twitter users also shared their stories. Someone received a pack of bulgur instead of a console, one guy received a fitness kit, and another had to be content with a foot massager.

It looks like a common mistake made by Amazon collectors, but one of the Reddit users noticed a strange thing:

“I just tracked down the driver and saw that he was a couple of houses away from me on the map. The next moment, the van pulls up to my driveway and stops. The driver does not leave, pauses for 10 seconds, and drives off. I was told that the package was handed over to the resident and delivered, ”said Reddit user Adgej123.

eBay was flooded with offers to sell the PlayStation 5 at very inflated prices. Some lots reach $ 6,000. On average, they ask for the S1 300 for a basic console. It is possible that some employees decided to cash in on the hype around the console.

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