From December 8, Apple App Developers will notify users of data collection

Apple will oblige developers from December 8 to indicate what data they collect about the user

Special shortcuts will appear in the App Store, which will display information about what data the application will access if the user installs it. Now users will know, even before installing the application, to find out what information the developer plans to collect about it.

Before downloading the application, the user can look at the label, as the label with the composition of the product in the store, writes The Verge.

Developers should keep up to date with the types of data they collect. At the same time, it is not necessary to disclose the data if it meets the following requirements: it is not used for tracking and for advertising, its collection is irregular and optional, the user himself gives permission to use it in the application interface.

Users themselves, after installation, will have the right to choose what to give permission to collect, and what should still be prohibited.

The introduction of “shortcuts” will cause developers to lose access to the IDFA (Apple Device Identifier for Advertising and Analytics Attribution) by default. They will have to ask users for permission.

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