French police to resettle migrant camp near Paris

French law enforcement officers evacuated a migrant camp in the capital’s suburb of Aubervilliers in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

“This morning, the evacuation of the camp in Aubervilliers is taking place, which has become a continuation of operations conducted since the end of 2019 in the North-East of Paris,” the police Prefecture said in a message on Twitter.

According to local media, migrants are offered seats on buses that will take them to accommodation centers in the French capital region. It is reported that the authorities have provided more than 1.5 thousand places for the inhabitants of the settlement.

The police settle camps in the North of Paris several times a year, but they appear again. As a rule, people there live in tents and makeshift shacks in unsanitary conditions, which is why the migrants ‘ neighbors quickly become rats, and various diseases begin to be transmitted between the inhabitants.

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