French national team goes to the semifinals of the League of Nations

The French national football team on the road defeated the Portuguese team in the League of Nations match and advanced to the semifinals of the tournament.

The Group 3 match of League A was held in Lisbon and ended with a 1: 0 victory for the French. The only goal was scored in the 54th minute by N’Golo Kante. In a parallel match, the Swedish national team beat Croatia at home – 2: 1.

For the round before the end of the group stage, the French team scored 13 points. Next are the teams of Portugal (10), Croatia (3), and Sweden (3).

In the final round, the French will host the Swedish national team on November 17, the Portuguese will play away with the Croatian team on the same day. Even if the Swedish team loses, the French national team will retain the first line in the table, which gives the right to play in the semifinals of the tournament.

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