France raises tuition fees for international students 10 times

“Rich foreign students who come to the European Union pay as much as poor French do. It’s not fair,” said Edward Philip. He also presented a “strategy to attract foreign students”: it involves increasing the number of scholarships and simplifying bureaucratic procedures for foreign students.

As noted by Edward Philippe, the cost of education in France will still be lower than in some European countries. “In the Netherlands for the year students pay from 8 to 13 thousand euros, and in the UK — tens of thousands of pounds,” — said the Prime Minister.

The new tuition fee will have to be paid next year.

As stated by the French Prime Minister, despite the increase in the cost of education, the measures presented will attract to universities more foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union. Now 320 thousand students from other countries study in the country. According to the government’s plan, by 2027 their number should grow to 500 thousand.