Fox News readers urged Russians to be “afraid” of Biden

Fox News readers are surprised by the strengthening of the military power of Russia and China, as well as reports about the tests of the Russian Federation hypersonic missile “Zircon.”

A reader under the nickname Skepticismisgood noted that the actions of Moscow and Beijing are “not just saber-rattling.” The user Commiesamongus agrees with him, who stressed that Russia is a country that cannot be fought under any conditions. He urged not to believe the articles that tell about the “weak” Russian armed forces.

“Two days, two threats from different countries, and Biden is asleep at the wheel,” pcbhog wrote.

The reader buildthedamnwall877 noticed that US President Joe Biden has no idea what day it is and Vice President Kamala Harris “at least show your finger, everything is ridiculous.”

“Russians should be afraid of Joe Biden. And we should be afraid that Joe will arrange an “unintended conflict” for himself… Even no missiles will be needed,” another user noted.

Tests of a hypersonic projectile took place yesterday in the waters of the White Sea. “Zircon” hit the target on the coast of the Barents Sea with a direct hit at a range of over 350 kilometers. The speed of the rocket at the same time was about seven Mach – one Mach corresponds to the speed of sound.

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