Fourth Starship prototype passes cryogenic tests

The fourth Starship prototype has passed cryogenic tests. The previous three models of the ship exploded at this stage, writes on its Twitter head of the SpaceX ship development company Elon Musk.

The concept of the interplanetary spaceship Starship formerly called the BFR, Elon Musk introduced in 2016. It is planned that the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will fly to the moon in 2020 as a space tourist.

Starship is the name of the second stage and at the same time a spaceship and the first stage is called Super Heavy. SpaceX previously carried out the first successful tests of the Raptor engine at Super Heavy, and then tested the engine for Starship.

In early April, SpaceX conducted cryogenic tests of the third prototype of the Starship, during which the company’s engineers filled the body of the device with liquid nitrogen. This was done in order to check how the hull of a ship behaves at a low temperature in space. Like the previous two prototypes, the body could not stand it and exploded.

However, the cryogenic pressure testing of the fourth prototype was successful. During testing, the pressure in the ship’s tanks, pumped with liquid nitrogen, reached 4.9 bar – according to Mask, this is already enough for flights.

At the beginning of next week, the company will conduct fire tests of the prototype of the ship.

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