Four people killed in riots in Washington

During the riots in Washington, four people were killed, said police chief Robert Conti.

“One Capitol police officer fired a service weapon at a woman. She was taken to hospital, where after all attempts to save her life, she died <…> In addition, today there were reports of three more deaths near the Capitol,” he said.

According to him, three of the dead were victims of accidents that “required urgent medical attention.” They were all adults.

Conti added that at least 14 police officers were injured and two required hospitalization. In total, 52 people were detained during the riots, some for illegal possession of weapons, and most for violating the curfew imposed in the metropolitan area of ​​Columbia.

The woman who died at the Capitol was US Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt, Fox News reported, citing relatives.

According to them, Babbitt lived in San Diego, California and was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. She served in the Air Force for 14 years and was sent on missions abroad four times.

“I don’t know why she decided to do this,” said her mother-in-law, whom the TV channel does not name, about Babbitt’s presence at the Capitol.

How Babbitt ended up at the Congress building and who shot her is still unknown. It was reported that she was wounded in the chest: in the broadcast of the MSNBC channel, you can see how the woman is taken on a gurney from the building to an ambulance.

In addition, it was reported that a young man was taken to the hospital, who climbed up the scaffolding on the west facade of the Capitol and fell from a height of about ten meters. According to CNN, he is in critical condition.

Author: Sam Smith
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