Four of Japan’s largest motorcycle manufacturers begin testing electric batteries

Researchers in Japan have begun testing a system of electric batteries that they will install on motorcycles in 2021. The technology will be tested at Osaka University during the year.

The “Big Four” Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha, have begun jointly developing and testing new electric motorcycle designs. Together, the companies are ready to begin developing a common battery design for electrical devices. This was reported by Motorcycle News (MCN).

Testing of the new replaceable battery will take place at Osaka City University in an experiment called “e-Yan OSAKA”. Engineers will use electric motorcycles, and battery-powered replacement stations will be installed throughout the campus and in nearby stores.

The consortium did not share the specifications of the replacement batteries, but reporters speculate that they are likely to follow Honda’s lead and use replacement battery packs from Honda PCX and Benly electric scooters, MCN reported.

“As a result of repeated research, we have come to the conclusion that developing joint models with replaceable batteries will be beneficial both for us and for the environment. We know there are still issues to be resolved in the electric motorcycle distribution and we will continue to work to improve the environment for our customers”.

The e-Yan OSAKA trials are to last one year, while the consortium examines the effectiveness of new battery designs and battery replacement stations. Ultimately they will decide how they can get the new motorcycle into production. Companies will start rolling out batteries in 2021.

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