Four magnets stuck in a scientist’s nose while trying to create a device against COVID-19

The scientist tried to invent a device that prevents people from touching their faces during the COVID-19 epidemic. As a result, four magnets stuck in his nose – the doctors had to get them, writes The Guardian.

Dr. Daniel Reardon, a researcher at the University of Melbourne at Swinburne, tried to create a necklace that would give an alarm when a person tries to touch his face. Refusal of the habit of touching the face and regular hand washing are the main recommendations of the World Health Organization on the prevention of infection with a new type of coronovirus.

The scientist was engaged in the creation of a warning device, while in self-isolation – according to Reardon, he has no experience in the development and assembly of such devices.

The scientist failed to create a device with the desired action – the resulting device vibrated constantly and stopped doing this only when the scientist brought his hands to his face.

“I thought that I could build a circuit that would give an alarm when a magnetic field is fixed. I decided that this would work if you attach magnets to your wrist and then put your hand to your face. But everything turned out exactly the opposite – I accidentally invented a device that constantly buzzes if you do not bring your hand to your face”.

Daniel Reardon

Then the scientist decided to approach the solution of the problem on the other hand, and install magnets not on the wrist, but in the nose – two inside the nostrils and two outside. However, when Reardon removed the outer magnets, the inner ones pulled together inside the nose. The scientist tried to get them using the two remaining magnets, but they also got stuck in the nose. There were no more magnets in Reardon.

At the hospital, doctors managed to extract magnets from the nose of the researcher – now nothing threatens his health.

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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