Found the only place in the ocean that cools rather than warms up

Scientists have found a small space in the Atlantic Ocean, where the temperature does not rise, but falls. Most likely, climate change is also involved in this process.

Researchers noted that in general, the Earth is getting warmer quickly – according to the vast majority of climatologists, this is due to greenhouse gas emissions. However, this does not affect all places the same way – scientists note that in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean there is a small space that becomes colder every year.

A new article in the journal Nature Climate Change explores the possible causes of the cooling of this point. The conclusion of the researchers is that this phenomenon is caused by several complex factors. The main ones are changes in ocean currents and thick clouds.

A cold piece of space can be seen on NASA temperature maps. In general, the surface of the ocean since 1900 has warmed up to almost 1°C, since the seas continuously absorb a colossal amount of heat created by man. However, the ocean surface temperature at this point has cooled by 0.9°C.

Contrary to the intuitive opinion of researchers, they are inclined to believe that the same greenhouse effect, which causes warming of most of the Earth, is likely to cause complex phenomena that cause some parts of the planet to become colder.

“Anthropogenic climate change is changing the climate system,” says Christopher Karnauskas, an oceanographer at the University of Colorado-Boulder. “This territory is an interesting manifestation of the danger that we can incur on ourselves”.

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