Found a way to halve the spread of coronavirus

The use of bidirectional contact tracking can significantly reduce the transmission of coronavirus. Such conclusions were reached by scientists from the United States and Germany. The results of the study are published in the journal Nature.

Scientists noted that to control the spread of coronavirus, it is necessary to track infected people’s contacts. However, in most cases, connections are fixed only “forward.” The authors of the study concluded that using “bidirectional” tracking, which seeks to find out not only those who can infect the patient but also those who infected him, can almost halve the transmission of the virus. It is also important to increase the contact tracking period from two to six days before the onset of symptoms.

The researchers built several contact tracking models and compared their effectiveness in preventing further transmission of the virus. It turned out that the use of bidirectional tracking allows you to reduce the effective number of reproduction by at least 0.3 units, and together with digital tracking via a smartphone by another 0.25. And the extension of the contact tracing period to six days allowed, together with the previous two changes, to halve the virus spread rate: from 2.5 to 1.2-1.3.


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