Found a new way of storing and transmitting information for quantum computers

An international team of scientists has discovered a new way to store and transmit information for quantum computers. Thanks to this, quantum computers will become more powerful, and with them people will receive new technologies for information security, the creation of drugs, accurate positioning systems and new ways of movement.

A group of scientists from the NTI Competence Center in the direction of “Technologies of Robotics and Mechatronics Components” on the basis of a Russian IT University and Loughborough University in the UK:

Scientists at Innopolis University and Loughborough University theoretically studied the far-from-equilibrium dynamics of a chain of interacting two-level quantum systems that are models of Rydberg atoms, and found that even two coupled qubits can exhibit chaotic behavior. In systems with five or more elements, a phenomenon occurs known as hyperchaos – irregular chaotic behavior with a large number of positive Lyapunov exponents.

The computing power of quantum computers directly depends on the number of qubits: the more there are, the more powerful the devices. Controlling hyperchaos in quantum objects will allow working with larger quantum devices. Potential developments in the field of quantum systems enable us to get closer to the blue dream of humanity – to dramatically increase computing power.

Alexander Tormasov, Advisor of the Russian Quantum Center, Rector of Innopolis University

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