Found a new kind of black hole, which is not explained in the theory of relativity

Scientists have discovered a new type of black hole, which has more indicators than the standard model suggests: it does not fit into the theory of relativity.

Black holes can be fully characterized by only three physical quantities: their mass, spin and charge. Since black holes do not have additional ones, black holes of the same mass, spin and charge are exactly identical to each other.

Dr. Lior Burko of Theiss Research, in collaboration with Professor Gaurav Hannah of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the University of Rhode Island, together with his former student Dr. Subir Sabharwal, discovered that there is a special kind of black hole that violates its uniqueness.

The team used intensive numerical simulation that involved the parallel use of dozens of high-performance NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) with over 5,000 cores each.

The authors of the work investigated black holes “saturated” with the maximum charge or spin that they can carry. They found that there is a quantity that can be plotted from the curvature of spacetime at the horizon of a black hole: it is conserved and can be measured by a distant observer. Since this value depends on how the black hole was formed, and not only on the three classical attributes, it violates its uniqueness.

This quantity is gravitational hair. In the near future, according to scientists, it will be possible to measure it with the new equipment of observatories using a scalar field and spherical formations of objects. This finding is surprising, scientists say, as it applies to extreme black holes as well.

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