Former UFC Champion takes to the streets to reassure US protesters

The former UFC champion approached the rioters and tried to persuade them to hold a peaceful demonstration. According to him, now people do not help, but destroy cities and harm others.

“It’s nice to see people defending our city. But this is terrible, violence breeds violence. Violence does not help anyone. We all know that the incident was bad, everyone knows it, it was hard to watch, ”said the athlete.
Liddell is known for playing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He owned a light heavyweight champion belt and defended the title four times. After leaving the organization, Liddell became a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Protests, accompanied by riots, vandalism, and attacks on the police, swept dozens of US cities. The reason for them was the death of blackguard George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota), who died on May 25 after a gross arrest.

Author: Steve Cowan
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