Former husband of Kelly Clarkson is demanding more than $ 400 thousand in alimony in court

Former husband of American singer and actress Kelly Clarkson Brandon Blackstock demands from his wife 436 thousand dollars a month in alimony.

Thus, a 43-year-old talent manager filed documents with lawyers demanding that his wife pay his personal expenses, worth $ 301,000, as well as for the periodic maintenance of their joint children: six-year-old River and four-year-old Remington. If the court finds Blackstock’s side, his annual income will be $ 5.2 million. In addition to this amount, another two million dollars have been declared to pay for legal services.

Kelly received primary custody of her children this week. By the way, the 38-year-old singer plans to stay in Los Angeles, while Brandon is going to live in their common house in Montana, where they were quarantined with the whole family until recently. The court decision states that the father is obliged to visit his children on the first, third and fifth weekend of each month, while the mother will spend most of the time with them.

The couple were together for six years before Clarkson filed for divorce in June this year. Initially, they wanted to reach an agreement on joint custody of the children, but today “the level of conflict between parents has increased.”

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