Former FIFA President Joseph Blatter was in an artificial coma for more than a week

Former President of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Joseph Blatter was put into an artificial coma for more than a week. This was told by his daughter Corinne, whose commentary is quoted by the Associated Press. In late December, 84-year-old Blatter underwent heart surgery.

“The doctors are happy with his well-being, but there is still a long way to go,” said Blatter’s daughter. “In total, he spent more than a week in an artificial coma and could not talk.

Blatter headed FIFA from 1998 to 2015. The Swiss was suspended from football activities for 8 years on corruption charges. In February 2016, the FIFA Appeals Committee reduced this period to 6 years.

In June 2020, Blatter became a suspect in the misappropriation of $ 1 million from the FIFA fund. In December, FIFA asked the Zurich prosecutor’s office to open a criminal case against Blatter to fund the unprofitable museum of world football.

Author: Sam Smith
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