Former FBI chief Comey to release the second book of memoirs in three years

The former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey, will release his second book of memoirs in three years, according to Flatiron Books, which is preparing the publication.

“In the new book of Comey… it will highlight the main values of the Ministry of justice and the way to restore them,” the publisher said in a statement. They recalled that Comey had a long and varied career in law enforcement, fought the mafia as a Prosecutor in New York, and led the FBI under Donald Trump.

The book will be called “Saving justice: truth, transparency, and trust.”

Comey probably expects to repeat the success of his first book, “A Higher Loyalty. Truth, lies, and leadership,” which sold many thousands of copies in 2018.

Comey was appointed to the post of FBI Director in 2013 on the recommendation of President Barack Obama. In the 2016 election, he caused exceptional dissatisfaction with candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who accused him of improper investigation of the Clinton email scandal. Clinton later blamed Comey for her election loss. Trump fired Comey in May 2017, calling him an “ineffective leader.” The firing of Comey, who oversaw the “Russia investigation” against Trump’s entourage, led to the appointment of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who continued the investigation for two more years. Mueller, in 2019 confirmed the accusations against Russia of “election interference” (Moscow denies this) but could not substantiate the assumption of “collusion” between Trump and Moscow, the existence of which is rejected not only in the Kremlin but also in the White House.