Former Drug Enforcement Administration agent arrested in the US

According to the prosecution, the anti-drug fighter conspired with drug dealers.

FBI agents arrested a former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) employee and his wife. They are charged with criminal conspiracy with Colombian drug traffickers, fraud and theft of personal information.

According to the prosecution, former DEA agent Jose Irizzari “enriched himself by secretly using his official position and special access to information.” He was working with the help of a Colombian criminal group, whose actions he was supposed to investigate undercover. The purpose of their actions was to steal money that the US authorities confiscate from drug dealers.
Starting in 2013, Irizzari was able to steal a few million dollars. The money he received was spent on buying expensive real estate, cars, jewelry, and gifts to relatives.

Last week, another former Drug Enforcement Administration agent was sentenced to a lengthy sentence. He was found guilty of helping drug traffickers deliver several tons of cocaine from Puerto Rico to New York.

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