Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testifies in the Senate

The hearing is dedicated to Rosenstein’s role in the investigation of the “Russian case.”

Former Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Wednesday testifies at a Senate hearing on his role in the investigation of the “Russian case.”

Rosenstein was assigned to oversee the investigation after Attorney General Jeff Sessions stood down from it because of his role in President Donald trump’s election campaign. In May 2017, Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor in the case and supervised his work until he was dismissed in November 2018.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Republican Lindsey Graham, is reviewing the investigation that preceded Mueller’s investigation.

Speaking to the Committee, Rosenstein said that he was not aware of any problems with the warrant applications that he approved for conducting surveillance on members of Donald Trump’s campaign staff in 2016.

According to Rosenstein, problems with applications for issuing warrants were identified only in December of last year during the inspection of the Inspector General of the Ministry of justice. The audit revealed numerous violations, including in obtaining permission for surveillance, but the inspector concluded that the political bias, in this case, was not.

“All applications that I approved were presented as justified based on the facts listed in them, and the FBI had to follow protocols to make sure that each fact was verified,” the text of Rosenstein’s testimony says.

Rosenstein last testified before Congress in June 2018, long before the investigation and subsequent related events ended.

As previously reported, it is expected that members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will ask Rosenstein questions about his conversations with the President about the resignation of the head of the FBI, James Comey, as well as about talks with Mueller, especially about the possibility of sending a subpoena to the President.

Author: John Kessler
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