Former Capitol Police Chief told of attempts to get reinforcements

The former head of the Capitol police in Washington, Stephen Sund, said that he unsuccessfully asked the security services and the US military command for reinforcements even before the riots began.

Sund resigned after a protest attack on the Capitol that resulted in deaths.

In an interview with the Washington Post, the retired chief of police guarding the US Congress said that for the first time, he asked to involve the National Guard in the protection of the building even before supporters of President Donald Trump gathered in Washington.

According to Sund, he made six requests for reinforcements, one of which was rejected by Lieutenant General Walter Piatt. “I don’t like the sight of National Guard soldiers standing in a police cordon, with the Capitol in the background,” the police quoted the military as saying.

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s chief of staff, John Falcicchio, confirmed that Sund was making desperate attempts to get reinforcements. “This guy was literally screaming for help on the phone. It’s etched into my memory,” he said.

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