Foreign Ministry: the US wants to erase the line between different types of nuclear weapons

The US is trying in every way to erase the line between non-strategic and strategic nuclear weapons; this leads to an increase in the threat of a nuclear conflict, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

“We drew attention to the material published on the state Department’s website on April 24; it was devoted to the issue of creating low-power W76-2 nuclear warheads in the United States and equipping them with part of the Trident 2 ballistic missiles. The need to develop and deploy low-power nuclear weapons is presented as a US response to “increasing global threats,” primarily “building up the nuclear potential of Russia and China.” As we have repeatedly explained, we consider such a step dangerous, and we believe that it is such an element of destabilization,” Zakharova said at a briefing on Wednesday.

“In our view, there is a purposeful blurring of the lines between non-strategic and strategic nuclear weapons, and this inevitably leads to a lowering of the nuclear threshold and an increase in the threat of nuclear conflict. This is not only our opinion – this point of view is expressed by authoritative representatives of the American academic community, in fact, even the US Congress,” she said.

Zakharova stressed that any attack using an American submarine-launched ballistic missile, regardless of the characteristics of its equipment, will be perceived as an attack using nuclear weapons.

“Those who want to speculate about the flexibility of the American nuclear potential, everyone who wants to do this, should understand that according to the Russian military doctrine, such actions will be considered grounds for retaliatory use of nuclear weapons by Russia,” the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.

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